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HP C6170A Printhead blue, 42ml

HP C6170A Printhead blue, 42ml

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SKU: C6170A
Blue Spot Color Print Cartridge

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Brand HP
Product Description


    HP designed the C6168A (red), C6169A (green), C6170A (blue), and C6173A (yellow) Spot Color print cartridges for industrial printing applications that require spot colors to enhance their operations.

    HP's Spot Color ink and thermal inkjet technology make color printing quick, easy, and as affordable as monochrome printing because it relies on easily replaceable ink cartridges rather than ink drums and plates. These print cartridges are designed to print 600 dots per inch in applications where high-quality output on porous media is required.

    Integrated Driver Head (IDH) technology coordinates individual nozzles through a multiplexing scheme that fires all 300 nozzles through 52 interconnect pads. HP Spot Color print cartridges can be snapped in and out for easy replacement. These cartridges have a thermal sense resistor, which measures temperature, and enables thermal management and burnout protection for the print head.

    Compatible Printers: Pitney Bowes W 680, AstroJet 2600 Series, Hasler IJ 65, Stielow 5955 V, Pitney Bowes DP 200, Pitney Bowes DP 400, Pitney Bowes DA 400, Imagistics W 990, Imagistics DA 700, HP Thermal InkJet 2.5, AstroJet 3800, Pitney Bowes DM 395, Stielow IJ 45, Imagistics W 661, Rena DA 615, AstroJet 2650 P, Imagistics W 600, Rena DA 620, Stielow 5988, Stielow 5955 Series, Imagistics W 660, Pitney Bowes DA 75 S, Rena PS 2000, Stielow 5952 F, Pitney Bowes DA 80 F, AstroJet 3600 P, Imagistics W 880, Rena DA 613, Rena DA 612, Stielow Portosprinter 45, Stielow 5955 S, AstroJet 3600, AstroJet 3600 Series, Pitney Bowes DA 70 S, Imagistics W 660 Series, Stielow IJ 65, Pitney Bowes DA 500, Imagistics W 790, AstroJet 500 P, Rena XPS 2000, Stielow 5992, Imagistics W 891, AstroJet 1000, Imagistics W 890, Pitney Bowes DA 50 S, Pitney Bowes W 661, Pitney Bowes DM 390, Pitney Bowes W 801, AstroJet 2600 P, Stielow 5953 F, AstroJet 1000 Series, Rena DA 608, Imagistics W 77 R, Rena Envelope Imager I, Pitney Bowes W 700, Imagistics W 770, Pitney Bowes W 990, Pitney Bowes W 991, AstroJet Imaging System II, Imagistics W 65 R, Stielow 5955, Pitney Bowes W 660 Series, Rena XPS 80, Stielow 5954, Imagistics DA 400, Imagistics W 700, Imagistics DA 900, Pitney Bowes W 790, Pitney Bowes W 800 Series, Pitney Bowes W 800, Stielow 5982, Output Solutions Inkjet Carton Coding System HP 620 E, Stielow Portostar, Pitney Bowes DA 900, AstroJet 2800 P, Imagistics DA 950, AstroJet 300 P, AstroJet 1000 P, Stielow 5986, Stielow 5953 L, Stielow IJ 35, Pitney Bowes W 990 Series, Stielow IJ 75, AstroJet IB 9000, Pitney Bowes DA 95 F, Stielow Portosprinter, Rena DA 595, Rena DA 612 S, Pitney Bowes W 770, Pitney Bowes W 660, Rena Envelope Imager III, Pitney Bowes W 890, Imagistics W 800, Rena DJP, Stielow 5954 S, Pitney Bowes DM 210, Output Solutions Inkjet Carton Coding System HP 610 E, Stielow 5952 S, Pitney Bowes DA 750, Pitney Bowes DA 550, Stielow 5953 LC, Pitney Bowes W 880, Stielow 5952, Rena XPS 90, Stielow 5980, Stielow 5952 Series, Stielow 5953 S, Stielow 5953 Series, Pitney Bowes DA 950, Rena PS 1000, Pitney Bowes DA 55 S, Rena Envelope Imager II, Stielow IJ 85, Output Solutions Inkjet Carton Coding System HP 630 E, Stielow Portosprinter 35, AstroJet 2800, AstroJet 2800 Series, HP Addmaster IJ 1000, Pitney Bowes DA 700, Hasler IJ 75

Additional Information

    Additional Information

    SKU C6170A
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    EAN 5706998881175
    Technical details
    Printing coloursBlue
    Ink typePigment-based ink
    Brand compatibilityHP
    Printing coloursBlue
    Operational conditions
    Operating relative humidity (H-H)10 - 80%
    Operating temperature (T-T)10 - 40 °C
    Manufacturer HP
    Reviews No
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