1.pngFind a Qualifying Product

Make sure the product you would like to price match is identical to a local retail or local online shop competitor's (Please check below) product (it must be a matching brand with identical model number and color). products are available for price matching by phone or email only. Please refer below for details:

Tel. 7000 6678, +357 25-730301,     Email.

2.pngSend Us the url of the product

Send us the competitor's ad or website link, with the lower price that is still in effect.

 We then examine and contact you either by phone or email.  We will then match, offer you a lower price, or decline the price.

Price Match is valid ONLY only for products that are in stock.

Price Match is valid ONLY only at the time of purchase and not after.

Price Match is valid ONLY for product prices and not for services like shipping, handling, etc

What is considered a local retail competitor?

A local retail competitor for, is a retail store or an online shop with a locally register company, authorized by a vendor to sell a new, factory-sealed product with a warranty.